High yields, consistently

miR-CLear produces high yields of total RNA including miRNA equivalent to gold standard AGPC extractions, with excellent reproducibility from experiment to experiment. [1]

The kit was designed to simplify the extraction of miRNA from body fluids including plasma/serum and can also work with cells.

Contact us if you are working with other samples.

Safe, avoid phenol and chloroform

Phenol is an extreme corrosive and systemic toxin. An accidental splash will cause severe burns and possible blindness. Once absorbed, it can harm any organ and cause death[2]. Phenol residue can also damage expensive laboratory equipment.

Chloroform is a carcinogen known to depress the central nervous system and cause liver problems[3].

Be safe, use miR-CLear.

Fast, 25 minute protocol

The entire isolation can be done in less than 25 minutes, half the time of traditional methods. miR-CLear does not have a learning curve to perfect the protocol.

miR-CLear Blog

Analyzing miRNA concentration with UV/Vis spectroscopy can be unreliable

In samples with low levels of miRNA (e.g. plasma, serum), spectrometers cannot reliably analyze miRNA yield because of the low sensitivity of UV/Vis spectroscopy and the low abundance of miRNA. Compounding the problem, contaminants, such as phenol (lmax = 270 nm), from liquid-liquid extraction-based miRNA extraction methods can carryover and co-absorb with nucleic acids when analyzing miRNA using a spectrophotometer. . .

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