myCareScore is a secure rounding tool that increases patient satisfaction by communicating real-time patient feedback.





Superior Patient Care

myCareScore provides nursing administrators with real-time patient feedback to deliver quick resolutions, enabling better healthcare outcomes.

Data-driven Management

Instant data improves staff management and training, empowering nurses to manage their patients and provide better care.

Ease of Use

Simple-to-use intuitive software requires less training, leading to higher compliance.

Positive Patient Care Experience

myCareScore provides administration with real-time patient experience information, enabling data-driven management to optimize overall patient care.

Minimal Investment

Custom Operating System and dedicated hardware eliminates costly software development expenses.

Improving the Bottom Line

Better patient care leads to higher patient and staff satisfaction resulting in improved HCAHPS scores and higher staff retention. 

Secured Patient Data

myCareScore includes dedicated hardware and a Custom Operating System ensuring the highest level of security and HIPAA compliance.

Seamless Integration

Our Custom Operating System enables seamless integration with native infrastructure, enabling rapid deployment and ease of maintenance.  


A customized rounding tool specifically designed to meet the needs of your healthcare facility and integrate with your existing workflow.

For more information on how myCareScore can improve your hospital’s overall patient experience or to schedule a demo please contact our TeleHealth Team.


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