Who We Are

Founded in 2007, ChromoLogic is a boutique product development organization developing innovative solutions that save lives and make the world secure. Our products range from bioinspired solutions for counterfeit mitigation to at-home HIV viral load analysis kits, an ophthalmic system to assess physiological stress, to a unique digital telehealth platform. Our customers range from academic institutions and government agencies to aerospace corporations and healthcare providers. To meet the needs of this broad customer and market base, we bring together the brightest minds from every engineering and science discipline. Our customers value our highly innovative multidisciplinary approach to solving problems. Over the past five years, we have been ranked twice by Inc 500 Fast 500.

Philosophy and Mission

Our mission is to incubate and commercialize disruptive solutions in medical, aerospace and security markets. The ChromoLogic team is dedicated to this mission because of a shared belief in the life-saving and life-transforming capabilities of our technologies. Our effort towards life-saving scientific advancement doesn’t stop in our lab space. Each and every team member at ChromoLogic volunteers at local charities and non-profit outreach programs that build up the community we live and do business in. Fostering this spirit of volunteerism is a core value in our company and is directly related to our research mission.

Our Values

All our colleagues, collaborators, customers and suppliers collectively form the clients we serve. To meet our clients’ needs we are:
Adaptive: Working as a team, we adapt rapidly and creatively to the needs of all our clients.
Purposeful: We are goal oriented in our approach to problem solving.
Diverse: We cultivate a 360 degree perspective of ideas and concepts in support of our vision, and embrace the technical and cultural diversity of all our clients.
Respectful: We are respectful towards all our clients.
Balanced: We strive to be transparent in process and practice to ensure that ethical behavior drives commercial needs.